Warranty Parts

Lockheed Window Corp. offers a number of warranty parts to ensure your windows and doors are always operating well. For more information on how to receive replacement warranty parts, please visit our Warranty FAQs. To request a replacement part, please submit a Warranty Claim Form.

RH White DYAD Operator
Old Style Lock and Keep (Prior 2004)-2
Casement Roto Short Single Arm Operator
Casement Roto Long Single Arm Egress Operator
3 Piece Screen Plungers
Screen Clips
Sliding Window Sash Rollers
Hopper Handle
Awning Lock
DH T-Bars
Bottom Pivot Pins
Short Casement Roto Operator Arm
Pivot Pins Top and Bottom
Skinny Night Latches
Old Style Casement Lock
Screen Corners
Pivot Pins (Warranties prior to 10:15:13)-2
Awning Operator Track
Awning Keeper, Strike-2
Balance Shoes
Hopper Keeper, Strike
Balance Winder for Spiral Balances
Truth Casement Operator-2
Casement Operator Left or Right 2008-Present
Truth Casement Handle
Old Style Casement Handle
Casement Handle
Casement Handle Present-2
Left and Right Casement Egress Hinge
Old Style Hinge and Track
Awning Hinge-2
Left & Right Casement Track
New Style Tilt Latches
New Style Lock & Keepers-2
Tilt Latch
Old Style Lock
Block & Tackle Balance
Sash Stop
New Weep Hole Covers
Night Security Latch, Ventilation Latch
Balance Cover
Shoes (Spiral Balance)-2
Old Casement Roto Operator
Short Casement Operator Single Arm
Sliding Window Weep Covers
Night Latch-2
Old Style Lock
Roto Casement Lock Present
Lock Keep
Interlock, Roto used 2007 39497 Casement
V-Weld DH Tilt Latches-3
V-Weld Lock
Awning Egress Operator Left or Right Present
Long Arm Casement Operator Old Style-2
Awning Roto Operator-2
Spiral Balance
Casement Straight Arm Egress Operator
Old Awning Sash Hook Screw
Casement Sill Sash Assist-2
Casement Snubber-2
Casement Locking Bar Housing
Casement Lock Rectangle Washer
Casement Strike Keeper
Enter Lock Thumb Latch-2
Casement Corner Sash Bracket
Fixed Handle
Weephole Covers
Oval Hole Keepers
Jamb Adjuster Screw